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Class Timetable Roborough
Mission Statement

My Mission is to motivate and inspire my students to work hard and have fun while maintaining high standards of training which will lead to superb technical skills and a confident performance. 

I aim to teach with patience and understanding in order to nurture a child's creativity and passion for dance.

Hip Hop Performing Scream- Summer Term 2016



Ballet is the foundation of dance and teaches elegance, poise and grace. 

Ballet helps to develop core strength, flexibility and correct posture. 

Our youngest Ballerinas love to dance around like fairies and Toy soldiers and learn about famous ballet dancers like Margot Fonteyn and Darcey Bussell. 

Our Ballet program is still fairly new and is growing each year. 



Tap is a fun and energetic form of dance in which we get to create percussive rhythmical patterns with our feet. 

Tap is my passion and I hope to pass this on to all my students, big and small. Our little tappers love to stamp around in their tap shoes and make lots of noise and our older tappers love to be challenged with complex steps and rhythms. 

We also now run two Adult Tap classes (see our timetable for more details) Adult Tap is great to keep the body moving and the  brain thinking!




Modern Dance explores the genres of Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary Dance. In it's early days Modern Dance was formed as a rejection of ballet with dances being danced bare foot, in parallel and often with flexed feet. Today Modern dance encompasses a wide range of dance styles and you are likely to see steps like turns, leaps, kicks and floor work when watching a Modern Dance Routine. 

Modern dance can be equally demanding on the body as Ballet as it works many of the same muscles groups and can help to develop stamina, expressiveness and  a range of contrasting movement styles. 

Hip Hop


Hip Hop is our funky Street style class. We cover basic Hip Hop style Choreography as well as exploring Break dancing, Isolations and Rhythm. 

This class is all danced to popular music which really gets the children moving and grooving. 

This class is designed for 8 years and over and has been running since September 2017. I'm looking forwards to seeing them all perform for the first time in our 2019 Summer Show!


Acrobatic Arts


Acrobatic Arts is an acrobatic program which has been designed for dancers in order to safely develop, strength, flexibility, balance, and tumbling tricks in choreography without the use of a mat. (We do use mats during training to limit the cause of injury while learning something new.) 

This class helps to develop flexibility and strength and allows dancers to become more impressive. You will learn tricks like one handed cartwheels, no handed cartwheels, forward walk overs and splits. 

Elite Academy


Elite Academy is our brand new performance group starting this term. Suitable for current students only in Grade 3-Grade 5, incl Hip Hop and Acro. 

This class  will give students more opportunity to try new dance styles, develop technique, work with outside practitioners and perform at community events. 

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