Show Time

The School puts on a summer show every other year, which is inclusive of everyone who attends classes at the school. Work is learnt during class time with extra rehearsals being held in the few weeks leading up to the show. I always have positive feedback from parents and performers and it is deemed a highly enjoyable experience for all. Each year we choose a different theme and the name of the show is chosen by children by ways of a show name competition. 

Our previous shows include:

2011- Saturday Night at the Movies (Brixton School)

2012- Suitcase, Passport and Dancing Shoes (Brixton School)

2013- Rock Around the Clock (Sparkwell Parish Hall)

2015- Magical Musicals! (Sparkwell Parish Hall)

2017- It's That Time of Year!- Stunning Seasons on the Stage (Plymouth School of Creative Arts)

2019- Dance Away the School Day (Plymouth School of Creative Arts)


Charlotte and I are both fully qulified to enter children for exams in Tap, Ballet and Modern Theatre. Children will be assessed on ability and offered the opportunity to take exams when I deem they are ready. Our first exam session took place in June 2014 with 100% pass rate.

The first exam the children can take with us is Primary Tap/ Primary Ballet. 

The list bellow is a rough guideline as to how old the children should be in each grade. We reserve the right to hold a child back if they are not ready or move a child up early if they show great potential. This desision will be one made by myself or Charlotte. 

Grades                   Suitable For

Primary                                        3-5 years

Grade 1                                        5-8 years

Grade 2                                        7-9 years

Grade 3                                        9-12 years

Grade 4                                        11-14 years

Grade 5                                        12 years +

Grade 6                                        14 years +

Intermediate                               14 years +



Grades                   Suitable For

Baby Ballet                             2.5-4  years

Primary Ballet                        4-7 years

Grade 1                                    7-9 years

We currently only teach as high as Grade 1 Ballet


Grades                   Suitable For

Pre-Primary                                3-5 years

Primary Tap                                5-7 years

Grade 1                                       7-9 years

Grade 2                                       8-11 years

Grade 3                                       10- 13 years

Grade 4                                       12-14 years

Grade 5                                       13 years +

Grade 6                                       14 years +

Intermediate                              15 years +


Adult Tap Beginners        (Complete beginners or those with basic knowledge)

Adult Tap Inters                (those who may have studied tap for many years, more than basic knowledge.)


Well done to all those Students who have passed their exams in 2018. We are extremely proud of you all!

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