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About Dance Fusion

I am the principal dance teacher at Dance Fusion. We are a dancing school based in Brixton, Plymouth and we focus on the 3 main disaplines, Tap, Ballet and Modern Dance.

I started dancing at 2 ½ years old and studied the three main disciplines Ballet, Tap and Modern. At University I studied Jazz and Contemporary Dance as well as Choreography and many technical skills used in theatre such as marketing and music editing. I graduated in 2007 with a 2:1 BA Hons degree from Northumbria University.

In 2014 I completed my teaching Qualifications (DDE- Diploma in Dance Education) with the ISTD, and I am a fully qualified teacher in Tap and Modern Theatre from Primary to Intermediate Grades. The ISTD is a recognised examining body around the world and offers exams in many forms of dance. I am also a Certified Acrobatic Arts Teacher.

I have gained valuable performance skills over the years taking part in dancing school shows as a child and numerous Music of the Night productions at the Royal Citidel, Plymouth, both as a teenager and an adult. I am currently a member of the Plymouth  Theatre Company which I joined in 2008 and enjoy regularly performing with them. I am also a current Member of Renaissance Historical Dance Society which specialises in performing dances from the Medieval, Elizabethan, Stuart and Regency Periods.

At Dance Fusion the students learn Tap, Modern and Ballet Technique, whilst developing, coordination, confidence, discipline and team work. Our classes allow students to have fun with their dancing, in a safe and supportive environment.

The students have the opportunity to take exams through the ISTD and participate in our regular Summer show.

Lastly I offer a free-form Hip Hop class to those aged 8-13 years and teach after school street dance clubs at local schools in the area. I also work with many primary schools to enrich their curriculum, leading dance workshops based on current areas of study. It's great for students to explore other genres of dance outside of the ISTD syllabus and encourage non- dancers to move and be creative.


Alex Robinson
Principal Dance Teacher

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