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My name is Brooke. I go to dance fusion and do tap and modern. I really like going because you get to learn new moves, you meet new friends and you get to have fun. Alex is really kind and funny. She is a really good dance teacher. I got to do a show which was really exciting. -


Brooke aged 8.

My daughter has been dancing with Alex at Dance Fusion for ten years now since she was three. She loves her lessons and has developed into a beautiful dancer, achieving grades with distinction in both modern and tap. Alex’s lessons are fun and engaging and Alex is firm but fair and very approachable. My daughter joined the Elite Academy last year to further improve her skills and enjoyed dancing in front of a different audience.

The show years are great fun and all of the students have such a great camaraderie, with the older students looking out for the little ones and the little ones looking up to the older dancers with awe and admiration. I wholeheartedly recommend Dance Fusion and think it is a wonderful dance school.

Emma (Parent)

My daughter started Alex's hip hop dance group during a time when she was suffering with severe anxiety. We couldn't even get her to go to birthday parties or into school each day. Alex was aware about her worries right from the start and made our daughter feel calm, safe and included. Our daughter has become a different person since joining. Her confidence has grown. She has found such a love of dance and rarely has an episode of anxiety now. She took part in the show this year and it was a magical moment for all of her family to watch. She had never been able to even speak in front of her class until now! She adores her dancing and has now also joined acro. Thank you Alex for including our daughter in your fab dance classes, showing her patience and encouraging her to believe in herself. It really has transformed all of our lives, but especially for our daughter! 

Cari (Parent)

Alex runs a friendly and adaptable dance school. As an older student, she makes me feel supported and welcome. I look forward to my classes with Dance Fusion every week. Thank you Alex!


Tara (Student)


I think Dance Fusion is really fun and Alex is such a good teacher. The dancing makes me feel happy and I always feel excited to do it.


Olivia aged 8

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