Price list

Fees are paid either per term or per half term. A new invoice system will be taking effect as of Sept 2016. There will be multi-class discount of 5% and 10% on your child’s 2nd and 3rd class. There is also a further 10% discount for younger siblings, if more than one of your children attends the school. Each new Child will get 2 free taster sessions, after this the reminder of the term/half term is due and you will be invoiced for this amount.

Fees- Sept 2021

The prices listed below are representative of one full price class per week.

Baby Ballet/ Pre-Primary Tap/ Primary Modern       £4

Primary Tap- Grade 3                                                    £4.50

Grade 4- Grade 6                                                           £4.75

Vocational Grades                                                         £5.75

Adults                                                                              £5

Hip Hop/ Acro                                                                £4.50

Elite Academy                                                                £6